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  1. Moogujar says:
    Dictamnus are hardy perennials that are ideal to use in the middle of a border as they are about 90 cm in height. They usually come into bloom from the end of spring to the summer, and carry star shaped pink or white flowers. Dictamnus has fragrant green leaves.
  2. Juzshura says:
    Dictamnus: Bog Plant No: Edelweiss Award No: Bare Root No: USDA Hardiness Zone 3: 30ºF through ºF: USDA Hardiness Zone 4: 20ºF through ºF: USDA Hardiness Zone.
  3. Nikotaxe says:
    Dictamnus Dasycarpus is a bush. It is perennial. It grows in a tropical climate. It grows up to One Meter. Best used for Carbuncles. In TCM: Dictamnus Dasycarpus Root: Bai Xian Pi Meridians associated: Spleen and Stomach.
  4. Nizil says:
    noun a dicotyledonous genus of the family Rutaceae Based on WordNet , Farlex clipart collection. © Princeton University, Farlex Inc. Want to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content.
  5. Mazuk says:
    (Gas Plant) A garden classic, Dictamnus ‘Purpureus’ brings beauty to the garden in early summer. Standing inches tall, spikes with dark pink buds open to light pink flowers that hover over the deep green, lemon scented foliage. Planted in full sun Dictamnus ‘Purpureus’ enjoy rich, moist soil.
  6. Tygobar says:
    Dictamnus albus The Burning Bush, or Gas Plant as it is sometimes called, earned it's name because of the phenomina created by the fact that the leathery green leaves, flowers and seed pods give off a strong lemon scented vapor which, on a calm summer night can be ignited with a match.
  7. Kigataxe says:
    Growing Dictamnus (Gas Plant) Latin Name Pronunciation: dick-tam'-nus. Plant average garden soil. Plants are slow to become established but are long lived and never need dividing. Resents disturbance so choose its location with care and let it be.
  8. Yozshuk says:
    Dictamnus albus. Dictamnus albus. Gas Plant: USDA Zone: Plant number: Not often seen in gardens, the Gas Plant is slow to establish, but very long lived. Plants form a bushy, upright clump of lemon-scented, glossy green leaves. Spikes of spidery-looking white flowers appear in early summer, rather showy in effect, and worthwhile.
  9. Sasar says:
    Gas plant, (Dictamnus albus), also called dittany, burning bush, or fraxinella, gland-covered herb of the rue family (Rutaceae). Gas plant is native to Eurasia and is grown as an ornamental in many places.

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