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Some Decaying Finite Skin - Fe


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  1. Mot says:
    “Maybe I have some fucked up fetish when it comes to peeling.” “It hurts so much.” Phil whines. “Make it better, Dan.” Phil’s breath hitches as Dan tears another piece of skin from his body and sucks it into his mouth, relishing the salty taste and running his tongue over the scales before swallowing it.
  2. Shajin says:
    Facialmess discography and songs: Music profile for Facialmess. Genres: Harsh Noise, Noise, Power Electronics. Albums include Dub Made Flesh, You Trip Me Up, and Facialmess / Stress Orphan.
  3. Doukus says:
    Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.
  4. Zulkisar says:
    a disgusting fanfiction written for the pairing of dan howell and phil lester (phan) in which phil gets a sunburn and dan then proceeds to eat phil's skin and give him a handjob.
  5. Meztilrajas says:
    May 1 Animal survival in winter. How do animals obtain water in the winter when water sources are frozen. Some hibernate; that's all I know. Melchoir , 1 May (UTC). Although this is a very silly question for us Canadians, I actually found a quote: "Studies in Canada have shown some cows have gone 50 to 60 days with snow as the sole water source without any adverse effects.
  6. Malakora says:
    Find Bicycle Face discography, albums and singles on AllMusic.
  7. Dudal says:
    Οι Fullface αποτελούνται από 2 μέλη. Τον Tiny Jackal και τον Iratus. Δημιουργήθηκαν τον Οκτώβρη του Κυκλοφόρησαν το.
  8. Mikajar says:
    Hello, this is my skin Please mind your step on the pores, you might fall in Look it's purple beneath your feet Yes I'm only 20 No I don't get plenty of sleep Sometimes there are cheekbones hidden under a smile And if you're really lucky freckles pop up every once in a while I usually do a paint job every single day.
  9. Gardajind says:
    Skin EP by One of the Loudest Tragedies Ever Heard fye.

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