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Golden Plover = Goudplevier - John Kirby (4) - Listen The Birds 8 = Hoor De Vogels 8 (Vinyl)


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  1. Gugore says:
    American Golden-Plover: Among the widest ranging birds in the world, this species breeds on tundra from Alaska east to Baffin Island and migrates south over the Atlantic Ocean from Canadian Maritimes to South America; some birds winter on islands in Pacific and appear along west coast during migration.
  2. Sarr says:
    Listen to American golden plover on raitiligargchissiteccujudxuarake.xyzinfo - a comprehensive collection of North American bird songs and bird calls. Home. Search. Favorites. A - Z. App. American golden plover. call. / American golden plover (call) call. J.R. Rigby wagon .
  3. Vikus says:
    Golden Plover. From "The Birds of America" (Amsterdam Edition) [Pl. ] Amsterdam and New York: Johnson Reprint Corporation and Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Colour-printed lithograph, on fine hand-made paper. Excellent condition. Image size (including text): 14 x 18 15/8 inches. Sheet size: 26 3/4 x 39 7/8 inches (approx).
  4. Gardashakar says:
    Status: Rare (Less than Annual) Origins: Breeds in northern Asia and western Alaska – a very rare vagrant to eastern North America. Record Details: Six records for Newfoundland: (1) Trepassey, June 27 – July 16, ; (2) Cape Race, June , ; (3) Bellevue, July 30 – August 3, ; (4) Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, July 16, ; (5) Point LaHaye, December , ; and.
  5. Nalrajas says:
    A boldly marked warbler with a color pattern all its own, Golden-winged Warblers are slim, silvery gray birds with golden flashes on the head and wings. They breed in wet, shrubby tangles of the Upper Midwest and Appalachians, and spend winters in open woodlands and shade-coffee plantations. They have suffered severe population declines in the last half-century.
  6. Zulugore says:
    American Golden Plover’s typical call includes sharp «klii-i» or monosyllabic “klip”, and plaintive “klu-iit” with quavering second syllable. Usually, calls are high-pitched. The song given in flight is a shrill “ku-whiip”. HABITAT: American Golden Plover frequents meadows, pastures, shores and .
  7. Dousho says:
    European Golden-Plover: Largest of the golden plovers, showing black crown, throat, neck and upperparts with small bright gold spotting. White band on forehead runs down sides of neck and along flank; black underparts are trimmed in white. Undertail is white and the legs are short and dark gray.
  8. Tygojora says:
    Apr 30,  · brilliant find, filmed bird returning to nest. Solo Survival: How to Survive Alone in the Wilderness for 1 week --Eastern Woodlands - Duration: Tom McElroy-Wild Survival Recommended for you.
  9. Dailar says:
    Golden Plover: A pigeon-sized shorebird with golden-brown upperparts mottled with black and white. Black on the face, throat, breast, and belly bordered by white. Also has white on vent and underwings,black flight feathers with white markings, and black bill.

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