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  1. Yozshumi says:
    Embargo is open for the summer of and is the place to be on Cape Cod, featuring a chic and sophisticated atmosphere with amazing food and handcrafted cocktails. Our menu features dry aged steaks cooked to perfection, mouth watering tapas, and of course fresh local seafood/5().
  2. Vihn says:
    An embargo is a government-instituted prevention of exports to a certain country. In the media world, an embargo is the release of information with the condition that it cannot be published or disseminated before a certain date.
  3. Fenrigrel says:
    24 rows · (Redirected from United States embargoes) Countries sanctioned in some form by the US .
  4. Bashura says:
    embargo. m. Retención de bienes por mandamiento administrativo o judicial, en espera de juicio. Prohibición del comercio y transporte de determinadas mercancías, especialmente de .
  5. Bazahn says:
    Az embargó (a spanyol embargo szóból, ez pedig az embargar „megakadályozni, megállítani, feltartóztatni” igéből, amelynek végső forrása a népi latin *imbarricare „elbarikádozni”) a behajózás, elindulás tilalmát jelenti, átvitt értelemben valamilyen tervezett cselekedet megkezdésének a tiltását. Ilyen cselekedet lehet egy hír közlése, áruk, jellemző módon.
  6. Malazuru says:
    The question was now between the enforcement of the Embargo Act and war. England immediately laid an embargo on the vessels of the powers signing it. But now she told him that this one embargo to .
  7. Shashicage says:
    1. an order by a government prohibiting the movement of merchant ships into or out of its ports. 2. an order from a government agency restricting or barring certain freight for shipment. 3. any restriction imposed upon commerce by edict: an embargo on munitions. 4. any restraint or prohibition.
  8. Fejind says:
    万語収録!Weblio辞書 - embargo とは【意味】(船舶の)抑留,出港禁止 【例文】lay an embargo on ships=lay ships under an embargo 「embargo」の意味・例文・用例ならWeblio英和・和英辞書.

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